Loire Valley Castels
To visit absolutely - less than 30 minutes
Château de Blancafort

Château de Blancafort
This handsome brick fortified house rises above the Sauldre canal in a pleasant surrounding enhanced by a French style garden.  

Chateau de la Verrerie

Château de la Verrerie à Oizon
Built in the end of the XVè s by Stuarts of the Scotland, this house of the Renaissance has for setting the hundred-years-old oaks of the forest of Ivoy and the waters of Nère. You will see its loggia, the frescoes of its Gothic chapel, its Renaissance's yard

Château d'Anguillon

Château de la Chapelle d'Angillon
A historic and romantic dimension. Possibility of paying a visit combined by the castle, by the Albanian royal foundation, the collections of the XVIIIè s (weapons, embroidery, suits) and of the museum Alain Fournier.

Chateau de Menetou Salon

Château de Menetou-Salon
Surrounded by vineyards, this magnificient castle XIV-XIXè s will transport you into the universes of Proust and the century of Romantics

Chateau de Maupas

Château de Maupas à Morogues
Built in the XVè s, this furnished and lived-in castel has been the property of the Maupas family for more than 300 years. 887 ceramic plates lovingly embellish the grand staircase.

Château de Boucard

Château de Boucard à Le Noyer
The meeting of the Medieval austerity and the magnificence of the Renaissance.

Discovered to complete your stay
Chateau de Sully sur Loire

Château de Sully-sur-Loire 
Constituted by an impressive medieval donjon and by a wing added to the XVIIIè s, this luxurious castle is the house of the famous Minister of Henri IV.

Château de la Bussière

Château de la Bussière
In the heart of a French-style park drawn by Le Nôtre, lined by a 5 hectare pond, this castle in bricks is an ancient fortress reshaped in the XVIIè... Its vegetable garden kept its structure of origin and shelters an exceptional collection of plants, fruit trees and ancient vegetables.

Château de Chambord

Château de Chambord
This royal castle and its domain extends over 5 400ha. Exceptional strolls in its park.

Chateau de Chaumont sur Loire

Château de Chaumont sur Loire 
It was up to Catherine de Médicis then to Diane of Poitiers. Its drawbridge remained intact. From June till October takes place the International Festival of the Gardens which welcomes landscape painters of the whole world.