Aubigny sur Nère

Almost six centuries ago, Charles VII puts back the city of Aubigny to Jean Stuart de Darnley ( 1423 ), the most prestigious of the leaders of the Scottish army which allowed him to put an end to the One hundred years war in the name of Auld Alliance (treated with mutual help between France and the Scotland concluded in the XIIIth century).
Bérault and Robert Stuart, comrades-in-arms of the knight Bayard and the contemporaries of Léonard de Vinci, made build the castles of Aubigny and La Verrerie. In 1512, a gigantic fire ruins the Town of Stuarts. Robert raises it, he will cost him three forests where from the beautiful houses with timber framings which we see today.
Impulsed by Stuarts and regulated by Colbert, the industry and the business of the sheet made the reputation of Aubigny inhabitants.
Louise de Kéroualle, Duchess of Portsmouth, received from Louis XIV, the Duchy-meadow of Aubigny. She embellishes the castles of Stuarts and bequeathed us magnificent gardens inspired by Le Nôtre.


The city of Aubigny was built further to a fire which destroyed the town in 1512.

It constitutes exceptional set houses with half-timberings the Renaissance today which have the particularity of all to have been built in one or two generations.
Among these houses, the most remarkable that are said about François 1st. We can also quote that of Bailly, that said about Jeanne d'Arc, the ancient said in House Saint Jean.

Aubigny also counts vestiges of her fortifications, three tours of guard are so visible in the North of the city.

Major Event

Aubigny was Scottish during 400 years of presence of the family of Stuarts. So since about fifteen year she celebrates this identity by organizing celebrations every weekend of July 14th. To the program: historic entertainment sound and light, medieval market, bagpipes - bands, dressed up parade.