Activities - Leisure
In Airs

Aérodrome de la Théau - Aubigny sur Nère

Aéroclub, school of piloting, flights of initiation. Tel : 02 48 58 04 72 
Aventure Parc à Nancay
Courses in branches want accessible to all from 8 past years.
Pôle de l’Espace et des Etoiles à Nancay
In this interactive space, we observe, manipulate by enjoying itself. We can also leave for sidereal journey aboard the planetarium or follow the conducted tours of the station of radio astronomy.

In Water

Different Ponds into Aubigny sur Nère, Argent sur Sauldre, Barlieu, Ennordres, Jars offer the possibility of riding, playing games, course of health, fishing, boating, windsurfing board, water-skiing 
Swimming pool in Aubigny sur Nère
Bassin of 25 m with paddling pool. Tel : 02 48 81 06 17

On Earth

Ball Trap à Coullons

The stand of ball-trap Le Chêne Rond, offers 9 courses of hunting. Tel : 02 38 29 20 75
Numerous equestrian clubs propose trainings of ponies and horses as well as rides.

Fédération Française d’Equitation à Lamotte-Beuvron – Championnats & Concours hippiques 
Golf du Sancerrois à Saint Satur
Parcours 18 & 6 trous. 

Golf de Nançay
Parcours 9 trous.

Our guests can play tennis according availability.